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2012 Admission Prices
Single day adult pass
Single day child pass
$15.00 Flat rate (BEST DEAL)
1 year adult pass
1 year child pass
Whole family 1 year
Coupons available for
Discount tickets

This theme park is located in Anchorage, AK. H2Oasis is a 56,000 square foot indoor waterpark. After first opening in 2003, park owners learned that it was the 5th largest waterpark in the United States; to celebrate online codes were sent out in mass to all local residents. Now you might think; "A waterpark in Alaska??" and the answer is, why yes; with the heat pumps under the entire structure, most days it is warmer inside the park then outside. On sunny days, the heat generators are turned off and power is saved, trying to keep the power bill as inexpensive as possible. Don't take our word for it; check out the park for yourself, click to get our discount tickets today, and save today!


Lazy River Wave Pool Water Drop Fountain
Beached Boat Master Blaster Children's Lagoon & Pirate
4 Water Cannons Body Slide 32" Open Flume Slide 42"

H2Oasis is a great waterpark for all ages, with my discount passes in hand I decided it was time to take my family for a day out. I have lived about 50 miles away from here for about 5 years and had never gone because of prices, but because of you, it was extremely cheap. My kids had a blast, and even got me with the water cannons, even though I wasn’t planning on getting too wet. Those were our favorite!
-Glenda Bonner-